The Idiots nominated for the Banff Rockie Awards

The hilarious series "The Idiots" is nominated for the Banff 2016 Rockie Awards in the category Reality.  Congratulations to production company Woestijnvis and broadcaster Vier for this nomination.

A second season of this format has been commissioned in Belgium, and the format has also been sold to the Netherlands.  And some exciting countries will follow...!

Please contact for more information.  

In "The Idiots", the host (a comedian) tries to find answers to some important or less importants questions of life.   But why take the trouble to look for the answers yourself, when you have two idiots to do the dirty work for you?

Burning questions such as: Can you teach a blind man to drive a car, or how much money can you win if you buy up all the lottery tickets in one shop? Quintessential conundrums such as how does a mermaid go to the toilet,
or can you whistle if you have no teeth? So how does a fly feel when it flies into an ultraviolet lamp? What about a bee? And not forgetting the ultimate question: can you really stick someone to a wall with duct tape?

Each week the host sends his two idiots off on a series of off the wall tests to find the answers, always with both unexpected and hilarious results.

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