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Launching Wednesday 31st October, RTL5 has commissioned a 4 part- local adaption of De Mensen's Boxing Stars, to be produced by Fabiola.

Eight well-known women and sixteen famous men are being prepared for their very first boxing tournament through intensive training. In this process they are supported by legends from the boxing world: former world champions Don Diego Poeder, Raymond Joval and Esther Schouten, former European champion Marichelle de Jong and top trainers Radmilo Soda, Barry Groenteman, Michel van Halderen and Ilona Lenten. Every week in the live broadcast of the competition you can see to what level the professionals have managed to bring these stars.

The candidates boxing three rounds of 1.5 minutes in a classic knock-out system: the one who loses the game is out of the competition. The celebrities are blood fanatics, and will therefore do everything they can to win. Who is able to withstand the tension and knows how to beat his opponent, live on television?

In the lightweight category, vocalist Kaj van der Voort, actor Rein van Duivenboden, e-athlete Koen Weijland, choreographer Dan Karaty and former top athlete Michael Boogerd take up the fight. Singers Brace and Danny Froger, Robinson 2017 Carlos Platier Luna, presenter Rick Brandsteder, rapper Jebroer, former top athlete Taeke Taekema and actor Juvat Westendorp throw each other in the class men heavyweight the (boxing) glove. The women who take up the challenge are models Jessie Jazz Vuijk and Joelle Witschge, YouTubers Mascha Feoktistova, Laura Ponticorvo and Saar Koningsberger and reality stars Michella Kox and Amanda Tsatsos. More names will be announced later.

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