Mother Nature moves in mysterious ways. And so do her inventive offspring: chickens without a head, how to walk on water, musical caves, the macabre mating habits of the angler fish and even roads that can sing – just a handful of the multitude of amazing phenomena, both natural and man-made that the host and his celebrity guests uncover in the all new prime time comedy panel show World of Wonders.

The natural world is ingenious, and man, himself a product of nature, has proven himself to be particularly innovative, full of weird, wacky and wonderful ideas and always keen to give nature a helping hand. Some aspects of creation can only be described as perfect – others, some natural, some the product of man’s overactive inventive streak, are just plain bizarre! It’s laughter all the way as the teams have the enviable and infinitely enjoyable task of trying to make sense of it all. And all logic is abandoned once and for all in the Completely Arbitrary Final Game, proving without any doubt that the greatest things in life are left to chance. 

First series late Spring Sunday evening prime time on Een, with a peak of 51,6% share and 1 235 889 viewers! Series 2 and 3 clear successes on commercial channel VIER.


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