Topservice is a human-interest program that takes the audience on a journey into the luxurious world of the rich and famousn.A world where anything is possible, where money is never an issue and where any craving or crazy request will be fulfilled at a wink.

The happy few can count on some extraordinary people who are ready to deliver exceptional services at any time and any place. Professionals who take care of every possible need react on any whim and accomplish the impossible.

These are the protagonists of the program, providing a unique point of view to a world so many dream of. Their jobs can be very diverse: ranging from a private-jet stewardess, a butler, an event planner over a millionaire matchmaker, a nanny to a flying tailor.

They all have one thing in common: they excel uniquely in what they do.

In every episode, the audience meets three characters and gets to know them in their profession. Amidst the action they reveal their personality, their drive, their struggles and passion. 

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