100000 years of evolution, 2000 years of family life, 150 years of feminism, and 5 years of metrosexuality - now it's time once and for all to decide which is The Stronger Sex..

In each ep, two celebrity captains, themselves the archetypal Man and Woman, each select the two celebs they feel best suited to win this battle of the sexes.

Each ep focuses comprises three tests based upon one quality in which it is agreed that men and women differ - strength, motor skills, communication, spatial vision... the final test in each ep is the decisive one, and we see the overall Men Vs Women score so far.

For the losing team, there is a forfeit on top of the shame of defeat, something they chose to do before they started the battle,when losing was still unthinkable..

A series filled with emotion, action, humour and suspense, as finally, we reveal the answer to the age old question and reveal which is


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