THE PERFECT COUPLE Game show and Quiz


How much does your wife weigh? What’s her computer password?  Who would your hubby choose as his ideal one-night stand?!  If you know the answers, then you could be part of The Perfect Couple!

A brand new fun-filled prime time show, where one couple, be it two thirty-somethings with three daughters, or even sixty plussers celebrating 40 years’ of marriage, aims to prove that they are indeed The Perfect Couple,

Before the recording, the two are separated, and each taken to a different secret location, to prepare a specific task to be performed in the show. At the end of two long days, with no contact, they come to the studio, but still they must remain apart, separated on set by a wall running through the sofa they both sit on!

And this wall remains very firmly between them for five rounds, whilst they are both tested on how well they know their partner, and each must perform the special pre-prepared task.

The two of them are reunited to play the final round together, a musical test that must culminate in a perfectly timed kiss. Succeed, and the evenings’ winnings, plus a bonus, are theirs – a perfect prize for The Perfect Couple.




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