The kids puzzle Reality

The kids puzzle

The Kids Puzzle is a story about 7 couples and 32 children who go on a holiday together. The couples know only their own children. They get 3 weeks to solve ‘The Kids Puzzle’, this means that they have to discover which children belong to which parents.

14 children belong to the couples, but the other 18 have only one goal: upset the participants.

The parents and the children do not stay at the same location, so they do not see each other very often. In order to get to know the children better, the couples can choose to play tests with them. At the end of each episode, the parents make the puzzle. They have to combine the pictures of the other couples and all the children, so they can solve the composition of the families. Nobody has to leave the competition, but there is one exception... The families which can be combined by everyone else have to leave the game.

The 2 couples who make the best ‘Kids Puzzle’ in the 9th episode proceed to the final game. In the last episode, the 2 couples and their children compete for the victory. The winner earns a price.


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