Life’s full of questions. But why take the trouble to look for the answers yourself, when you have two idiots to do the dirty work for you?

Burning questions such as: Can you teach a blind man to drive a car, or how much money can you win if you buy up all the lottery tickets in one shop? Quintessential conundrums such as how does a mermaid go to the toilet,
or can you whistle if you have no teeth? So how does a fly feel when it flies into an ultraviolet lamp? What about a bee? And not forgetting the ultimate question: can you really stick someone to a wall with duct tape?

Each week the host sends his two idiots off on a series of off the wall tests to find the answers, always with both unexpected and hilarious results.

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21/04/2016 - Comedy

The Idiots nominated for the Banff Rockie Awards

A nomination for The Idiots in the category "Reality"!

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