The Encounter Factual

The Encounter

The host of the television programme visits a neighbourhood in a city or town that is located near a refugee camp. He or she will ring doorbells in the neighbourhood spontaneously and asks the inhabitants/occupants what they think of the refugee camp. Next, the presenter shows the occupant a DVD with a picture of a family (or single person) living in the refugee camp. The host then asks the occupants if they would like to see and hear the story of this family. Spontaneous ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses will be both be recorded. 

When the presenter has found a minimum of 5 people to take part, he or she will invite them to join him/her at the neighbourhood community centre.  The participants watch a video shown on a video screen in the community centre with the story of the family (or a single refugee) that has fled its home country. The video features different aspects of the family’s / refugee’s story (why did they flee their country? Under what circumstances? How did the travel here? How are they experiencing their stay at the camp? How do they see their future?)

After the video the presenter asks the local people what they think of the family’s story. He or she then asks them if they would like to meet the family. The family joins them and the local people can ask questions. Among the subjects raised is the fact that not every local inhabitant is happy with the arrival of refugees in the area...

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