It’s said that all great lovers are articulate, and in May I Kiss You, it is up to three amorous comedians to demonstrate their very best verbal seduction skills and try to woo and win the heart of a female celebrity.Armed only with poetry, intelligence, romance and improvisation, they must do their utmost over a number of different rounds to charm and conquer her, for it is she, and she only, who will decide who wins, and who will give her that all-important final kiss. Which of them has the best chat up line? Do they share common interests? And when her back is turned, what do they really think of her? As one drops out, the two finalists go head to head in an all out bid to win her over. Who will triumph? And will she choose to just remain friends, or seal the start of a beautiful relationship with that first kiss?

Three successful series in Belgium so far, and two series  in The Netherlands.



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