Man Bites Dog is a highly original, warm-hearted daily magazine format that reveals the humour, the surprises and the absurdities to be found in every corner of the land, as well as offering a unique take on news and current affairs both at home and abroad.

There’s no need for a host; each episode is simply the perfect combination of entertaining segments and human-interest stories that allow the viewer to just sit back and enjoy, as the producers do the zapping for him, always presenting a uniquely local view of the news items of the day and life in general.

With almost 100 tried, tested and proven mini formats available, as well as animated segments, it’s funny, emotional, refreshing and full of surprises, with literally endless possibilities for local adaptation.

Man Bites Dog continues to break ratings records after 15 years on air in Belgium, with an equally successful local version on air in The Netherlands.

Man Bites Dog - TV that bites back!

Fifteen top rating series to date in Belgium, and ten in the Netherlands.


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