Eating is so much more than just functional, it defines the way in which we live.  Not just what we eat, but how and with whom we communicate, as we sit around the table with family, friends, talking of disappointments and of plans. Food binds us, makes us who we are.

In the series Food For Thought, Jeroen visits six communities which have always fascinated him. Six very different, very insular groups of people, with food as the key he uses to open the door and find his way in: Cowboys in Texas, the Langa Township in South Africa, the fishermen of Lofoten, sumo wrestlers in Tokyo and the inhabitants of Oymyakon, the coldest village on earth.

In search of strong, intriguing, surprising characters, he discovers just how rich and varied life can be. With food as leitmotiv, the one thing that binds us all – and because even in very closed communities, the kitchen door is often very slightly ajar.

…..  Food for Thought.


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