"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes".

True to Andy Warhol’s  original prophesy,  Everybodys Famous sets out to make it a reality for people all over the country, in a unique, warm, positive daily magazine format.  There’s a place for  anyone and everyone, be it as a contestant in the Commuter Quiz on the way to the office, as a star in the “Three Minutes of Fame” spot, or maybe as one of the unsung heros nominated by colleagues, friends and associates to receive a surprise visit and mini concert  in recognition for their work.  People with a special hobby, an unusual job, a unique passion, an extraordinary story - there’s a place for all in the Everybody’s Famous spotlight, for just a few minutes of fame, in one of the many formatted segments.

Truly versatile, offering a myriad of both content and programming possibilities.

Everybodys Famous - positive, honest, feel-good television.

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