Shot on location, Best Friends is a wonderful prime time adventure reality competition all about friendship.

In each episode two pairs of celebrities, already avowed friends in real life, set off on a journey. They don’t know where they 're going. Nor what they can expect. And during the course of the challenge, it will also be revealed how well they really know each other.

Friends already, they will have the unique chance to get to know each other even better, and in a new way.  The missions are varied, but each tests their confidence in each other, as well as bringing them closer to the final challenge. The finale itself is a race against the clock…against the other team. and - ultimately -  a race against themselves.

Who will really help out the other? Who will sacrifice himself?

With the highest ratings ever for the channel in weekday prime time

Best Friends: friendship, adventure and travel in one unique proven format

Current licence in Holland.

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