BASTA Comedy


Call centres that leave you hanging on the line... Banks with “solutions” for the credit crisis... A press too lazy to check its sources... Whether it’s big business, sinning on a massive and organized scale, or a small- time con – the man in the street has been the unsuspecting dupe of scams and lies for far too long. Now, four young Robin Hoods have decided that enough is enough. Basta.... it’s time for action.

The Basta boys are determined to expose the scams, avenge their fellow men and to give these people a taste of their own medicine. Always running the risk of discovery, but every so often, managing to hit just where it hurts. It’s investigative journalism at its best: home-made... and with a sense of humour.

With an average market share of over 40% in prime time, Basta was an instant success in Belgium. Plus five successful series in the Netherlands so far.  Sixth series commissioned.  

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