1000 SUNS Reality

1000 SUNS

1000 Suns is THE daily prime time summer magazine format.  

A daily appointment to view all summer long, 1000 Suns is All about the summer, full of tips of what to see and do, and with a mix of up to date news and various feel good mini formats, 1000 Suns gives viewers a glimpse of fun-filled summer days: be it the music festivals, the stress before exam resits, or even just a barbecue for the neighbours. Ordinary people doing ordinary – or even extraordinary things.

And no 1000 Suns would be complete without...

The Chair!  Little short of a phenomenon, the Chair has been a Flemish favourite for years – and the puzzle that Flemish viewers of all ages are always keen to solve.

In each episode we see The Chair standing in a different – recognizable - location. Anyone recognizing that location must hurry as fast as possible, armed with a certain item as instructed in the programme itself, in an attempt to be first to sit in The Chair. First to sit down wins a prize. Interactive programming with a difference, and an appointment to view each night over 700 000 viewers, keen to see if The Chair is in their neighbourhood.

1000 Suns – sun-filled, fun-filled and feel good – who needs to go away when it’s as good as this at home?

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