About us

Established in 2011 by Flanders' three leading independent production companies, De Filistijnen, deMENSEN and Woestijnvis, TNFP is THE one stop shop for Flemish entertainment, reality, factual, quiz and  kids formats and programming. With numerous proven international successes, Flanders is increasingly being recognised as a hotbed of TV creativity, marrying innovative ideas with high production values and manageable budgets. TNFP brings the formats from all the top creative production houses in the market together under one roof: as well as De Filistijnen, deMENSEN and Woestijnvis shows, TNFP also represents leading lifestyle producers Hotel Hungaria, plus all formats owned by commercial broadcaster SBS Belgium and last but not least, shows from one of Europe's most successful public broadcasters, the VRT.

Our partners

SBS Belgium TNFP is delighted to be representing the SBS catalogue of lifestyle formats. SBS Belgium, previously part of SBS Broadcasting, is the second commercial channel in Flanders, targeting a younger family audience.
VRT The VRT is the Flemish public broadcaster, member of the EBU, and one of the strongest and most successful and respected public television and radio broadcasters in Europe. The VRT develops and programmes a wide range of entertainment, factual, comedy and quiz programming across its channels Een, Canvas and Ketnet.
De Mensen Established in 2001, deMENSEN is one of Flanders' foremost television production companies, producing entertainment, comedy, factual and quiz shows as well as childrens' programming,. The company has a very strong development base, focussing first and foremost on creating and producing innovative and original content aimed at a wide audience. Its titles include Blockx, The Dare, Finding Love,...
Woestijnvis Woestijnvis was founded in 1997 and is home to many big formats such as The Mole, The Smartest Person in the World, Basta,... Woestijnvis' holding company De Vijver Media also owns commercial TV channels Vier and Vijf.
de filistijnen The Filistijnen has created and produced television shows since 2004. Among its biggest successes are Eternal Glory, Bounty Hunters and Best Friends. The Filistijnen is owned by Bruno Wyndaele and Jess Van Gaever, both experienced producers, editors and creators of innovating content for television.
Koeken Troef! Koeken Troef! is a production company that was founded by well-known TV personality Bart De Pauw. Since 2009 Koeken Troef! has produced several productions in various genres both for public and commercial TV: Quiz and games (Two to the Power of Six, de Kinderpuzzel,...), Drama (Quiz me Quick), Factual (Jani gaat...), Comedy and Entertainment (Biker Boys, Umesh Pop-up TeeVee).
Toespijs A boutique production company, Toespijs focuses on high-quality Flemish drama. Toespijs was founded by actors Tom Van Dyck and Alice Reijs. In 2016 the production company premiered with the acclaimed drama series "The Eleventh of the Eleventh".
Liefhebbers Liefhebbers is a new production company producing content with a heart. Founded by TV personality and Flanders' best known gardener Wim Lybaert and TV executive Laurens Verbeke has produced the very successful TV format "Masters of the Good Life"
Roses Are Blue The baby of the group, launching only in 2017, has made headlines. Run by Anda Ackx, Flemish royalty Mathias Coppens and Caviar, Roses are Blue are intent on making storylines that stick around. Expect big things.
De Chinezen Harald Hauben, Elke Neuville, Mikhael Cops and Arnout Hauben founded the De Chinezen production house in 2011. They sought a group of enthusiastic television makers together, and the rest is history - in particular TV history in the form of human interest programs and related products.
Borgerhoff & Lamberigts TV Founded at a kitchen table, audiovisual specialist and a publishing house, Borgerhoff & Lamberigts is the newest member of the TNFP family. Famed for engaging and edgy factual and documentary series with their first format ‘Imagine It’s You’ launching in 2018.